Voice over actor and audio book narrator

About Me

Welcome to my voice

 Mine is a complicated voice - rich and full of tones normally associated with British or UK English. No regional accent, so think Stephen Fry. Friendly and reassuring, but versatile enough to be urgent and demanding if required.

I've been in front of audiences for much of my life - child actor, time served behind the pulpit, as a presenter in financial services and, for the last decade, as a voice over talent.

I have a middle male voice, standard UK English or RP. 

Available for projects

I can provide a voice over for your project. Be it an explainer, commercial, e-learning, corporate, IVR / onhold or documentary - perhaps something entirely different - make your project our project!


Your book - my voice. The world of audio books is growing fast and I'm at the forefront of that innovation. I'll not only narrate your book, I'll act your book. Then I can edit and master it then get it to ACX or your chosen provider. All to industry standards and within the agreed time frames.

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My studio

I normally work from my modern, well equipped home studio, but occasionally find myself in a more formal studio setting - where I'm perfectly at home! Either way works for me. 

I use a modern, quiet computer system and run Audacity, Reaper, Camtasia, Auphonic and 2nd Opinion. Additionally I use a Rode NT1 mic and a  Behringer Audio Interface. 

Contact Me

Reach out to Frank

Do you have more questions? Are you interested in collaborating on a project? Send me a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Frank's Voice

Port Seton, Near Edinburgh, Scotland.

07377 36 86 37